Self Image – the Most Powerful Mechanism

Your self image is one of the most powerful mechanisms that has ever existed. On the other hand it can be one of the most destructive forces on earth as well. It has helped the world achieve greatness and it is also responsible for some of the most unbelievable, wicked and violent offenses that have occurred in our history.

On what grounds do I have to say such a thing? For instance, if you study the self image that terrorist hold of them self – you will realize that it is in direct alignment to who he/she is, will be,

and what actions he/she is going to take

If you know a person’s experiences and beliefs- then you can predict almost accurately how they will react under any circumstance. Imagine holding in your mind that you are a God or ruler of a nation and only your belief should be respected and heard.

If someone dares to tell you that you’re wrong, what do you think your reaction would be? Most likely you will retaliate with violence. We see a lot of this in terrorist countries today. The broken image of a nation can cause them to want to destroy the entire world. The master minds behind wars and ruthless murders know this. They know that for them to have followers to do their biddings they must first attack them on a psychological level.

Their followers now loose all of their previous beliefs and self control to adapt to their new life. These people now become mental slaves to the cause; a cause that normally no one would have believed in. In military terms we would call this brain washing; in terms of personal development we call this a damaged self concept.

The technique used by leaders to control the masses is by forcing them to act on the things such as fear, anger, religion and vengeance (also known as justice). Fear of war and loosing the quality of life presently is what they drill into the minds of people.

They learn to utilize the power of imagery to paint pictures of slavery and the need to protect family, country and life in general. Look at advertisers; they always target your emotions to persuade you to buy their product. They tell you words like- recommended by doctors,

you will be the envy of your friends and everyone is doing it

Do you understand how images affect us all? Do you understand how it is possible for you to have set yourself up for an unsuccessful life all along?What you hammer into your subconscious mind constantly is exactly what you’ll become.

This part of your mind has no guidance mechanism to differentiate good thoughts from bad, all it takes into consideration is the images and speech that it is most subjected to and acts accordingly. Depending on what your self talk is or what you visualize yourself to be; your subconscious will guide your actions to be directly in lined with those words and images.

It is not easy to change a damaged self image but it is not hard either. The same way you were reaffirming negativity by spending time implanting thoughts like I can’t, I’m ugly, the world is unfair and I’ll never get anywhere in life, you have to implant positive thoughts into your mind from now on. With a renewed self image you will be able to transform your life and your environment into something incredible. This is because you will mold your actions around the new inner concept that you have built for yourself.